Emily Outing Snowbirds
Saturday April 7th 2018, Club House Emily, MN
19 members in attendance

Meeting was called to order at 9:00 by Dean, President.

Review agenda. Motion to approve agenda by Marlene, second by Ryan. Motion passed.

Review March meeting minutes: Motion to approve as written by Carol, second by Mike. Motion passed.

County meeting minutes; Dean and Randy attended the CWCSTA meeting. Reviewed highlights. *2019 Winter Rendezvous will be held at Cragun’s resort. * Proposing a legislative act that DUI on boats, sleds, atv’s have the same punishment as other DUI’s. * 3rd and 4th benchmarks will be paid. *Many clubs reported seizing grooming.

Legislative meeting. Several club members attended. 25 attendees from CWCSTA clubs. Many representatives were held up in late meetings and were late or unable to attend. Had a few minutes with a few representatives.

Moved treasury report to after gambling updates.

Treasurers report: Bonnie reviewed the report that was sent with the agenda. Benchmark deposit and raffle ticket income. Fourth benchmark paperwork is received and will be paid this year. Still had not received the bill from groomer repairs from Track Inc. We are hoping to pay out of gambling funds but may not be enough in gambling account. Discussion held about making larger building loan payments. Will be discussed monthly (add as agenda item). We will have groomer shipment costs and repairs this summer. Motion to approve March treasurer’s report by Mike, second by Shawn. Motion passed. * Bonnie reviewed 2018 budget. Not many changes. Showed past years budgeted and actual numbers and proposed budget. Motion by Scott to approve proposed budget, second by Terry. Motion passed.

Short break was taken: thanks to all who brought muffins and breakfast breads to share. Very good!!

Trail report: Scott noted that trails are officially closed April 1st. Thanked all who helped make it a great season by grooming, trail work and reporting issues. Club controlled gates are closed, fences are down, some posts still frozen into the ground will be taken care of when (if) it warms up. Scott would like input and suggestions for trails. Dean noted re-route at Woods Bay is very well done. Ryan noted Arctic West needs to be widened. Wash out areas need dozer work. Signs in town are taken down. Scott is working on a map for in town, but with highway work it may change.

Equipment: Scott will add emergency contact information in groomers. No information on repair expenses. Oil is changed on both groomers. May clean up day May 5th after the meeting with pot luck lunch after. (Club will grill, please bring a dish to share.) Work to be done: pressure wash drags and groomers, replace tracks on Ranger with tires. A blade from the drag is missing, if you find it please return to club house or let somebody know so it can be retrieved. It is approximately 3 feet long and is yellow.

Building Update: Counter tops should be installed next week. Metal sheeting for inside new groomer bay. Measurements are taken and ready to order. Didn’t order last month with the though we’d be doing clean up day and didn’t want materials in the way. Given the go ahead to order materials.

Emily Day. No pancake breakfast this year.

Mission Statement: see attachment with points to be considered in a mission statement. If you are interested in submitting a mission statement for the club please email to emilyoutingsnowbirds@aol.com or backfour88@yahoo.com. Submissions will be reviewed at May meeting.

Web-site: meeting minutes added, trail updates, (Trails are closed) Bingo schedule added then removed. 1,000 visits in March.

Membership; 86 family/individuals memberships, 11 business.

Facebook: active site!!

Social committee: 4 attendees at lady’s night. Game night and stew. Decks are cards in the meeting room with club logo on them. Next date TBD. Pot luck lunch after clean up day May 5th.

Round table: Monday is trail coordinator meeting. Dean will attend. Dean reviewed the groomer support meeting highlights. A written plan is in draft status looking for input. Bonnie noted we received a request for donation after march meeting from the food shelf. Scott suggested giving to gambling review committee to consider. Bonnie mentioned an auction with a large tool chest (for groomer bays) next Saturday. Nobody was planning to attend auction. No action taken.

Next meeting Saturday May 5th 9:00 at the Club House. Spring cleaning after with lunch (potluck) Hope you can make it.

Motion to adjourn by Marlene, Al second. Motion passed

Emily Outing Snowbirds
Oct. 21, 2017 Annual Meeting

40 Members in attendance

Meeting was called to order at 5:31pm by President Dean K. Will be a meeting full of thanks for all club members having gone above and beyond this year.

Reviewed meeting agenda, add T-shirt information, Motion to approve as amended by Randy. Second by Mary. Motion passed.

Review 2016 Annual meeting minutes. Motion to accept as written by Bill R. Second by Scott E. Motion passed.

Treasury Report: Bonnie reviewed income and expenses as documented in report emailed to all club members with agenda and other information for meeting. Motion to approve as reported by George P. Second by Ryan H. Motion passed. Thanks for all you do Bonnie.

Trail Report: Randy has been out mowing. Got stuck.. Very wet in ditches. Will keep mowing where possible, need freeze-out or drought. No trail work will be done during Zone 1 deer rifle season. Thanks for all you do Scott.

Gambling update: Nothing going on currently. Still waiting for new establishment to open. Thank you notes received from organizations who have received donations from club. Donations were given to 9 organizations in the Emily Outing areas which fit the criteria from our donation policy. Still waiting to hear from State of Minnesota about donation to Emily Fire (due to them having their own gambling license must be approved by state.) Until septic is replaced the bar will be closed. Andy asked about our club’s gambling “ranking” as determined by State of Minnesota. Now that we have given donations we are a 3. Anyone at 1 or 2 would be on probation.

Equipment: Issues with Groomer. Scott has been in contact with Tracks Inc. Hope to be here in November to replace tracks, wheels and other parts. We can pay out of the gambling funds. Broke windshield has been replaced. Tractor is fixed and back to work. Thank you Randy for getting tractor to Aitkin for repairs.

Building expansion. TRIVIA: how many recorded hours of labor club members have in building project: Answer: 2079. In how many days: 48. Scott thanked all the people who have offered their time and talents (skills) to work on the building project. Thanks to Scott, John and Tim for their huge contributions to this project.

Snowmobile safety: Safety driving course will be held Saturday Dec. 2nd (no meeting that day) at the Emily city hall building. Jim has requested the building and the supplied for the class. He also arranged for conservation officer to come speak. Advertisement is the new newspapers, on DNR and MNUSA web-sites. Marlene was questioned if her sled has current tabs to use for the youth class, she said they are (this time). CSO asked if there were club members interested in being certified instructors. If you are interested in taking the certification course contact Jim Johnson. We may be able to have a class for instructors. Thanks to Jim for heading up the safety training.

Raffle Tickets: thanks from Scott to all those who have taken time to sell tickets. Tickets are still available to buy or sell. See Scott. Approximately 80% of the ticket cost comes back to our club per ticket sold by our club. Good and easy fund raiser for us. Scott sold 50 at Octoberfest, Kathy sold 100 at Hay Days and Roger “strong armed” his family into buying 80. Thank you Scott for hauling trailer around with large prize items.

T-shirts: order forms are being accepted for t-shirts and sweatshirts. US funds only. If you haven’t ordered your shirts and want to please contact Jim Johnson ASAP. Club will order only necessary extras to meet minimum quotas. Orders can be sent to club PO BOX. (address on order form) thanks you Jim

Membership: Kathy reported 61 renewals including 7 businesses. 

Web-site: www.snowbirdsmn.org is the club website. Meeting minutes and event are posted on our web-site. Photos of social events and building project progress are posted. Trail report gets the most visits. John trailed to update trail report weekly. 5500 visits last year. Mostly during riding season. There is a new link to MNDOT camera on Hwy 6. Interest in Facebook page. If anyone is interested in running club facebook page please contact John B. or Dean. Chris and Victoria L. mentioned Instagram and facebook are the most popular social media sites to share information. Thanks John for your continued support of our web-site.

Social committee: thank you Carol and Bonnie for organizing great event. A group was organized to decorate and set up tables and it looked great. Carol, Bonnie, Marlene, Kris, Kay, Jinny, Mary ( I hope I didn’t miss anyone Dean talks pretty fast sometimes) The groomer bay was very welcoming! ATV rider in early October, has a great ride led by Deb. M. perfect weather. Colors were at peak. Great day on the trail. Mary mentioned a ladies group is being set up to meet for socializing once a month. First event will be held at Kay’s house on Nov. 15th for dinner at 4:00. Interested in joining ladies group contact Mary E. Winter club ride will be planned. Watch for information in upcoming emails.

Annual Recognitions: 38 members donated time (all volunteer) 136.5 hours of administration time. 132 hours of grooming time. 16 members for safety training class, 15 at pancake breakfast and 25 worked on the building project. 466 hours of trail work. 2079 hours of work on building. What a great group of people. People with over 100 hours of donated time: John B, Randy R. Scott E, Carol K. Tim M., Ryan H., Roger S., Dean K. 50+ hours: Jim J., Mary E., Josh M., Jake M., Kathy L., Bonnie S. 25+ Josh H, Terry , Al L., Tom T. Trivia: Who has the most hours of volunteer time for our club? Answer: Scott E. 298 hours. Thanks to all who help make this club function!

By-Laws: It is not required to have gambling information in by laws. Everyone was emailed current by-laws. Lots of work was done 3 years ago to clean up by-laws and update. Motion by Scott to accept by-laws with no changes. Second by Carol. Secretary will date and sign by-laws with no changes for 2017-2018. 

Elections: October meeting minutes documented elections will be held for trail coordinator and vice president. After discussions with Scott to help eliminate some of his burden Dean and Ryan agreed to take on groomer coordination, Scott agreed to maintain his position for the rest of his term. Vice President position: Ryan Huettl offered to finish the remainder of the term (1 year) which George has been holding as interim during transition from Mary E. who had to step down to take on gambling manager position. Scott made a motion to nominate Ryan H. as vice president. As required Dean requested 3 times for any other nominations before closing nominations. With no other nominations a show of hands election was held and Ryan was voted in as Vice President thru the 2018 annual meeting. Current Boars is as follows:
President: Dean Kapler
Vice President: Ryan Huettl 
Secretary: Kathy LaTour
Treasurer: Bonnie Seehase
Trail Coordinator: Scott Eppen
Board Members: Marlene Brannan and Bill Rexine
Board Members at Large: Kay Rohwer, John Bergstrom
All positions will be up for election at the 2018 annual meeting. 

Round Table: Al L mentioned has has a lot of firewood that can go out to the shelter. Might have to wait for freeze to take out due to wet conditions. Club house project created lots of kindling also. George mentions the new sign and complemented LaTour Vinyl for a great job. Ryan recognized Dean for all of his hours of service to the club.

Next regular meeting will be held Saturday Nov. 25th (After Deer hunting) at the club house. No December meeting.

Motion to adjourn by Scott Second by Ryan Motion passed.