Emily Outing Snowbirds
Aug.5th, 2017 Pickled Loon Saloon

Meeting was called to order at 9:01 by Pres. Dean 

Meeting Agenda Reviewed. Motion by Mark to approve as written. Second by Ryan. Motion passed.

Review July Meeting Minutes. Motion to accept as written by Bill Second by Mark. Motion passed.

CWCSTA Meeting Minutes. Meeting minutes were sent out with agenda to all members. Scott made note that the raffle is underway. Tickets are available to buy and/or sell. See Scott E. if interested in selling raffle tickets.

Treasury Report: Bonnie reviewed report which was sent out with agenda. We had a very good turn-out for the pancake breakfast. With donated sausage from Emily Meats and donated juice, milk and butter from Kemps we had great income from the event. Thanks to all who helped at the church and put up flyers and banners for advertising. Thank you notes were sent to Emily Meats and Kemps. Motion to accept treasury report by Scott. Second by Marlene. Motion passed. Bonnie has not been able to contact one of the property owners to get their land owner gift delivered.

Trail Report: Scott reviewed last month’s re-route discussion for those who inquired. There will be changes next season to Arctic West trail and Aspen Trail West. Trail work will begin after Labor Day with some work being done during the week. Emails will be sent to communicate when help is needed.

Gambling Report: on August 3rd, all pull tab boxes were removed from the Pickled Loon. There are 2 more meat-raffle and 1 more BINGO before we will stop gambling at the Pickled Loon. Mary requested to pay July expenses. Mary itemized expenses. Roger made a motion to allow Mary to pay expenses. Second by Mark. Motion passed. Donations: State requires a minimum of 30% of our charitable gambling profits be donated. Motion was made by Scott for the Gambling Review Committee to come up with a donation recommendation for the Sept. meeting. Motion was second by Mark. Motion passed. Mary mentioned that most clubs do their donations quarterly. Currently our club has a “1” ranking because we have not made donations. We want to be a “5”. Club expenditures. Scott discussed the groomer repairs including tracks, idler wheels, windshield etc. Kathy asked if we could use gambling funds for tables and chairs for the new meeting room. Appliances for the new meeting room will be needed. Mary will check with compliance officer if these are allowable expenses. (We cannot use gambling money on the building supplies so we are not sure if these items would be allowed.) Scott also mentioned the bridge still needs to be replaced that we didn’t do last year due to lack of funds. Gambling will stop at the Picked Loon on August 13th. Future: Club was contacted by Mr. Pestello to continue gambling when new bar opens. Not sure who is taking over. We can start at new location when it opens. We are required to file premise permit within 10 days of starting. Gambling funds can be used for new equipment and updating equipment. Scott made a motion to continue gambling efforts when new establishment opens. Second by Carol. Mary wanted to verify there will be enough help at BINGO. After discussion motion Passed.

Equipment: Scott would like to order parts for groomers. Mark made a motion for Scott to order necessary parts for groomers. Second by Ryan. Motion passed.

Building expansion. Scott mentioned to drive by or see pictures of progress on web-site. www.snowbirdsmn.org The building looks great. The tin is on the roof with the wall tin is on site. Most building materials are purchased. Electrical: Bill Mitchell has products willing to donate. Many thanks to those who have put hours and efforts into the building project. Ryan suggested a larger sign for outside of building. Current sign is growing moss and will be too small. Suggested cleaning up old sign and hanging inside and asked LaTour Vinyl to work up a new sign and estimated costs for September meeting. Al and Kathy will have information at September meeting. Roger suggested club replace cordless drill used at groomer shed that was broken working on groomer shed. Bonnie made a motion for new drill to be purchased to replace broken club member’s drill. Second by Mary. Motion passed. Many Many thanks to the Tim Marty for leading the project. Also great thanks to Moritz for the use of the Lull.

Emily Day: Wrap up- HUGE success. 3 years ago, club was considering discontinuing pancake breakfast due to low turn-out. This year over 400 people came for breakfast. Donations from Emily Meats and Kemps were a huge part of our great profit. Scott mentioned when we returned key and laundry to the church he was informed that the church will be going thru a renovation and may not be available next year. (but not positive). Scott will be kept informed. Mary noted how much behind the scenes work Scott does for this event that many people don’t know about. Thanks Scott for all you do!! 

Park/Trails/Open Spaces survey: Email with link to do survey for City of Emily was sent out a few weeks ago. Please take a moment to fill out survey and make comments. Many of the questions relate to trails for ATV and Snowmobiles. 

Hay Days: During the July meeting we didn’t discuss whether there were benefits to sending club members to have a table at Hay Days to promote club. Kathy emailed Snow Barons to find out if there was any cost (no) do we need to pay admission (two free wristbands) can we sell raffle tickets (yes) After discussion the benefits that club members felt we had were: opportunity to sell raffle tickets, club exposure, membership opportunities. Mary P. and Kathy L will attend Hay Days and represent Emily Outing Snowbirds. Randy M said he will be there and is willing to work the table a few hours to give somebody a break. Al said he has a 10 x 10 canopy and table to use. Club has a banner to hang. At September meeting Kathy will get maps and banner. Kathy will also print out a bunch of membership forms for anybody interested in joining the club. Kathy will email SnowBarons again and let them know we are coming.

Annual Meeting: Annual meeting will be held Oct. 21st. With the Pickled Loon closing a location for the meeting will be needed. Options: other club members: Village Inn and the Wolfhound. Another option would be to hold it at the new groomer shed and have it catered in. Motion was made by Mark to hold the meeting in the new meeting room at the groomer building. Second by Roger. Motion passed. Carol and Bonnie will research catering options and costs. They will report back at the Sept. meeting. Once decision is made mailing will go out with dinner information, membership renewal, and letter from the president. Membership forms and dinner RSVP’s will need to be back by Oct. 1st for MNUSA renewal and catering counts.

Membership: Kathy reported 2 new membership collected at Emily Day Pancake Breakfast. Both were former members coming back to the club. Welcome back!! In the mailing on the membership forms we are adding a spot to indicate if you are willing to share your contact information in the event another club member wishes to contact you for rides or other events. Only those who mark they are willing to share their information will receive a roster. Rosters will be updated once a year.

Web-site: John posted photos on web-site of progress on groomer shed.

Hat/Shirts: Do we need to generate an order for shirts? Last order Jim purchased 50 shirts and hats in a variety of sizes. Currently have only L and XL left. Bonnie made a motion for Jim to research shirt and hat costs and bring to September meeting. Second by Carol. Passed.

Social Committee: Social Committee has been busy preparing food during construction days and bringing to groomer shed. Carol is looking into a fall ATV ride. Date and information to be announced.

Round Table: Roger asked if we can to sell raffle tickets during meat raffle and BINGO events. Dean will check with the Pickled Loon to see if they were okay with it.

Next meeting Saturday Sept. 2nd 9:00 am in the new meeting room at the groomer shed.  

Emily Outing Snowbirds
2016 Annual Meeting
Oct. 15, 2016 at The Pickled Loon Saloon

33 members in attendance.

Meeting was called to order by Pres. Dean Kapler at 5:32 pm.
Thank you Mary Eppen for organizing event.

Review meeting agenda. Motion to approve agenda by Scott Eppen, second by Marlene Brannan, Motion Passed.

Review annual meeting minutes from 2015. Motion to approve as written by Kay R, second by Randy R. Motion passed.

Treasury Report. Shirley updated years’ events, gave balance of accounts and spoke on building project. 4th benchmark was not paid out this year. Big loss for our club. This benchmark was not paid out to clubs due in part to lack of people registering their sleds. Motion to approve treasury report from Bill R. Second by John B. Motion passed.

This was Shirley’s last treasury report after many great years of dedicated service and was given a certificate of appreciation from officers. Thank you Shirley.

Trail Report: Scott E. thanked all who helped with all the trail work. Busy year due to so many storms and extreme tree issues. A few land owner issues were resolved. There was always help available when needed. In a situation where they were working in a logging area the loggers were very cooperative. Snowmobile club and ATV club working together to create trail thru Emily on Bloomquist Rd. to remove trail from Hwy. 6 by Sweets-N-Such. People are asked to keep selling raffle tickets. This is a great fundraiser for our club. On average 80% of ticket sales come back to our club. Good job Roger for selling 60 tickets so far this year. Tickets available to the end of the year. Drawing is the end of January. See Scott if you would like to sell tickets.

Safety Training. Saturday Dec. 3rd at Emily City Hall. Already have 6 students registered. Advertising is done and supplies are ordered. Anyone interested in volunteering be at the Emily City Building by 8:00 am Dec. 3rd.

Membership: Mary Eppen reported 61 members joined or renewed this year. Paperwork for DNR on membership will be filled out and turned in. Mary will contact local businesses who have not re-joined yet.

Web-Site: 3400 visits last year. 2600 of them from Dec.1-April 1. John posts trail reports, club events, meeting minutes and grooming updates.

Social Committee: group gathered to make centerpieces for meeting, which were available to take by club members after the meeting. Thank you to those who took the time to create centerpieces. Committee is working on a 3 day ride from Emily to Walker to Bemidji then Grand Rapids. Dates to be determined. Saturday Oct. 22nd there will be a club ATV ride from Log Cabin Bar to 50 Lakes to Granny’s. If interested in participating be at the Log Cabin Bar in Emily at 10:00 a.m. If you have questions, contact Mary Eppen.

Annual Recognition Awards. 100+ hours: Randy, Scott and John. 50 hours: Jim and Kathy. 25 hours: Eric F., Roger S., Tom T., Mary E., Carol K., Dean K. Appreciation awards distributed at meeting. Thanks to everyone who volunteers their time and efforts.

By-Laws: Review of 2015 by-laws. No changes made this year. Secretary to sign and file by-laws. (Done)

Elections: President position available. No contesters. Dean accepted second term as president. Vice President position available: Mary agrees to continue as V.P. Motion made to cease nominations by Jinny. Mary accepted second term as vice President. Secretary: Kathy willing to continue, Scott motioned to cease nominations. Kathy accepted second term as secretary. Treasurer. Shirley “retired” from treasurer position. Bonnie S. was nominated by John B. second by Shirley. No other nominations. Bonnie accepted position as treasurer. Thank you Bonnie. Trail coordinator: Scott willing to continue as trail coordinator. No other nominees. Scott elected to second term as trail coordinator. Two board member positions were up for re-election. With no contest, Marlene and Bill agreed to another 2 year term each. Thanks to all who volunteer their efforts to the club.

Round Table: trail work will be available after deer hunting season.

Building project: John B. reviewed mission of building project. Working with Pine River Bank. Addition will include area to house the second groomer, a kitchen, bathroom and meeting room. Kitchen cabinets were donated by Doug J. and are currently being stored at Roger and Bonnie’s. Getting bids and permits has been challenging. Working with Crow Wing Power with some details. Hoping to have slab poured and in floor heating done this fall. Will be ready to build in spring. Plans are available for anyone who wants to see them

Meeting was adjourned at 6:30 followed by a wonderful meal and more social time.

Many thanks to the Pickled Loon and its staff for hosting our event and our meetings. Good food and great service is appreciated. We have our meetings at the Pickled Loon because they are club members and are willing to put up with us.

Next regular meeting is Saturday Nov. 26. 9:00 at The Pickled Loon Saloon.