Checkout the conditions on Minnesota Highway 6 south of Emily!  This link will take you to the Minnesota Department of Transportation's camera showing Highway 6.  The State updates the images several times per hour; the camera is located just south of Emily.  Note:  you can't see much at night!!

Highway 6 Camera

IMPORTANT:  The road construction  completed in the City of Emily in 2018 resulted in the addition of new sidewalks along Highway 6, and in some changes to our trail route through the city.  The trails are marked; please stay on them!  Note that snowmobiles are not allowed on the City sidewalks!!  Also, there is what may appear to be a vacant lot on the northwest corner of Lake Street and 2nd Street, across from the Catholic Church. This is actually a MnDOT holding pond for a new storm sewer system, and has lots of drainage stuff in the middle of it.  Please do not drive across this; the trail runs along the south and east sides of this lot.  The City has been very accommodating to us during the trail change process, and we ask that everyone follow the rules. THANKS!


Sunday night we received another 3-4 inches of new snow.  Yesterday we were out on sleds checking the swamps, and they are still not frozen enough to drive our grooming equipment on.  Other area clubs are having the same problem, and some of them have reported dropping their groomers through the ice.  It will be very cold over the next couple of days, with night temperatures getting down to the low teens below zero, so this will help.  This Thursday and Friday we will be out grooming the "high" areas that do not go through swamps, and we expect we may be able to get to about 60% of the system.  If you do go out riding, be safe, and ride with a buddy if possible.  We will provide frequent updates here to keep everyone informed on the trail conditions.


We have concentrated this week on packing the swamps, which will help them freeze up quicker.  We have been doing this with club members' sleds, as well as with an 
Argo Amphibious ATV on loan to us by the Brainerd Snodeo Snowmobile Club (THANKS, Snodeos!)  We have packed approximately 70% of the trails; the major areas we have not yet been able to get into include the Aspen East trail, and the swamp on the trail between Fifty Lakes and Emily.  There is a LOT of water in the swampy areas, and we are unable to get through them yet with our grooming equipment, so we have not yet begun grooming.  We will continue to pack the swamps and monitor the situation, and will begin grooming as soon as we can.  We have a lot of snow on the ground for this time of the year, and we know everyone is excited about getting out to ride.  But we need to make sure the trails are safe for everyone.  WATCH HERE FOR FUTURE UPDATES!


We received A LOT of snow in the last 24 hours, and it is expected to continue through 
noon today. Today is the earliest date that the DNR allows us to open our trails, if the conditions are acceptable.  But because the weather has not been cold enough, the swamps that our trails run through are not yet frozen, and many of the area lakes are still open.  So.....we have not yet begun our grooming operations, and our trail system is not yet open.  This week we will be out evaluating the trails,  and will get them open as soon as Mother Nature allows.  Our grooming team is ready and our equipment is ready....we just need to make sure the conditions are safe for everyone.  Please watch this web page for further updates.


The Crow Wing County Snowmobile Trails Association (CWCSTA), which represents the 12 snowmobile clubs in Crow Wing County, want to urge caution to snowmobilers this season. While the snowmobile trails in Minnesota officially open on December 1st there are still a number of issues that the snowmobile clubs must address and this can’t be accomplished until we can get our equipment out on the trails. Remember we really haven’t had much cold weather so the swamps are open and there is no ice on the lakes. The clubs will move as fast as we can to get the trails open and useable for the season but please remember that we are all “volunteers” so our schedules vary. Please respect private property and stay on designated trails when they open, remember club members work very hard to obtain easements from private landowners and these trails exist because those landowners allow us to use their property. 

Mark Kavanaugh
President of the Crow Wing County Snowmobile Trails Association


Please keep track of the time that you volunteer to help the club.  This includes just about everything...i.e., trail clean up, trail grooming, equipment maintenance, administrative work, etc.  This helps us with the reporting we are required to do to the State of Minnesota, plus it may make you eligible for an award at the end of the riding season! To record your time/activities, you can fill out the attached Log Sheet and drop it off at the Club House (additional copies are available at the Club House), or you can email the information contained on the form to  [email protected]