Check out the conditions on Minnesota Highway 6 south of Emily!  This link will take you to the Minnesota Department of Transportation's camera showing Highway 6.  The State updates the images several times per hour; the camera is located just south of Emily.  Note:  you can't see much at night!!

Highway 6 Camera

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Please keep track of the time that you volunteer to help the club.  This includes just about everything...i.e., trail clean up, trail grooming, equipment maintenance, administrative work, etc.  This helps us with the reporting we are required to do to the State of Minnesota, plus it may make you eligible for an award at the end of the riding season! To record your time/activities, you can fill out the attached Log Sheet and drop it off at the Club House (additional copies are available at the Club House).

Please respect private property and stay on marked trails. Trespassing is a huge problem for the sport of snowmobiling and the major reason clubs lose trails.  
March 2, 23 Update: 12+ inches of fresh snow was groomed up today by our volunteer groomer team. Trails are smooth & ready for some beautiful spring riding👍. Ride safe & Ride right➡️

                                                                                Peaceful Easy Feeling
March 5, 23 Update: Our volunteers spent their Sat. evening out grooming in both of our groomers. They groomed from Emily to 50 Lakes & Emily to Outing. There was allot of traffic yesterday and they met lots of sleds last night. Please ride safe & ride right➡️

         Kind of a Drag
March 6, 23 Update: We failed to get the snow that was predicted. Instead we got sun & temps that required our volunteers to keep our groomers parked. Let’s all hope for cooler temps & some snow soon. Enjoy the trails while we can. Right safe & Ride right.

Heat Wave

March 9, 23 Update: The warm weather continues to keep our volunteers from grooming. There is logging going on the Arctic East trail from Cass County Rd 58 north for about a mile. As shown in the picture, the logging has not helped the trail at all. Most of our trails are still in spring riding condition but watch for bare spots & icy corners. Please ride safe & ride right. 

 Mud On The Tires
March 13, 23 Update: We received 12+ “ over the weekend so our volunteers were able to get the groomers out & groom our system one more time today. Use caution if riding the Smokey hollow trail from Hwy 6 south to where our trail turns away from Papoose Rd. The logging Co. has it plowed down to the surface. Please ride safe & ride right.           Me And My Shadow
March 20, 23 Update: The trail grooming season is quickly coming to an end but the trails are still in pretty good shape for riding. This season I have mentioned our volunteer groomer operators in every post. Thought you might like to meet them. This is our dedicated crew. We hope you have enjoyed riding our trails this winter. As always, Ride Safe & Ride Right. 
10-31-2023: Our club is busy getting our trails ready for the riding season. We have a fancy new Biffy at our shelter on the Arctic West trail. It is a nice upgrade for this year. 
Our volunteer grooming team is busy training to keep our trails smooth & safe when winter finally arrives. Think Snow.
Someone's got some 'splainin to do!
01/18/2024: Our volunteers are out packing swamps and cleaning up the trails so that we are ready if/when we get enough snow to groom. Think Snow.
Swamped!                                                    Timber!
Tree tuggers.....
1-23-2024: Our volunteers are still out working on the trails even though we don’t have rideable snow.😥
March 3, 2024: Even though we have no snow, our club is keeping busy. Saturday we hosted a DNR training class which had members from several clubs in attendance. Congratulations to the 28 DNR Certified Snowmobile/ATV Instructor graduates. A special thanks to DNR Training Officer Greg Oldakowski.
ATTENTION:  Our clubs understand that there may be snow coming and that the trails officially close March 31st. However, with none of the swamps or lakes frozen, plus no base to work with, our clubs will not be out grooming. This does not prevent you from riding but please understand that the gates will remain closed on the majority of our trail system to protect our landowners and for your safety.